Tables and Number Bonds

Use this program to help learn your number bonds

  for example 10 + 11 or  9 - 4

and your tables

  for example 3 12 or 18 6

Each page gives a different challenge to be mastered and includes a "Time Trial" for you to see how quickly you can answer 20 questions. The name of the fastest player is shown along with their winning time.

Can you beat your friends? Can you beat your brothers and sisters?
Stop your parents moaning by being faster than them too!
An agile mind and nimble fingers are all that is needed to get the best times!
The Challenges

Plus - Questions about addition of numbers from 0 to 12
Minus - Subtraction questions with answers from 0 to 12
Multiply - Questions on multiplication - anything from 1 1 to 12 12
Divide - Questions on division making use of tables up to the 12 times table
Specific Mult - Use this to start learning a certain times table
Specific Mult Div - Really tests a chosen table by asking you both multiplication and division questions
Miscellaneous - Any of the above

Download a "demo" version
  • Click on this link
  • Click on "Save"
  • Use the "Save in" dropdown list to choose where you would like to save the file
  • Click on "Save" to save the file
To run
  • Go to the folder where you saved the downloaded file
  • Double-click on "Number Bonds"
  • Click on the "Enable Macros" button
  • There may be a short delay while the program loads
  • Select the required page using the tabs at the foot of the screen
This program uses Excel macros which need to be enabled.
If you have not used Excel macros before you may need to set the security levels for macros

Try the demo version for a few days, then contact me for details of how to buy your own copy.