Excel Macros

Changing the security setting for Excel macros

To run the macros in this spreadsheet it is recommended that the medium security setting should be used.
  • Start Microsoft Excel
  • Click on "Tools", then "Macro", then "Security..."
  • Select the "Security Level" tab
  • Click "Medium" and then "OK"
  • Close Excel
  • Doubleclick on Number Bonds again to restart the program
This setting means that each time a spreadsheet using macros is started, you will be asked if you wish to allow
the macros to run. In Number Bonds you should choose to allow the macros.

In Excel, "macros" are computer programs that help carry out tasks automatically.
They are used in Number Bonds to carry out such tasks as running the time trials and speaking the answer etc.

As macros can also be used by illegal computer hackers, it is important to only run macros from sources you trust.
Excel allows you to choose the level of security you wish to use when a macros are found.
  • High - only macros that are digitally signed as being from a trusted source will be allowed
  • Medium - allows you to choose whether or not to run macros in a spreadsheet
  • Low - allows all macros to be run